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Congratulations Jeremy!

Everyone at The Structure Lab would like to congratulate Jeremy Randolph-Flag for successfully defending his Master’s thesis: Experimental analysis of the effect of grain size distribution on stick-slip and creep behavior. While working in the lab, Jeremy presented his findings at both the 2018 GSA regional meeting in Ames and the 2017 national meeting in … Continue reading Congratulations Jeremy!


2018 North Central GSA

The Structure Lab will be presenting at the 2018 North Central GSA meeting April 16-17 in beautiful Ames, IA. Come see us at T29: Structural Geology and Tectonics in a Quantitative World on Monday from 1:30 to 5:30 and see posters on Tuesday morning.  


AMTP meeting report in Eos

Last spring’s Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes conference got a write up in this month’s Eos. Check it out.


GSA 2017

Jacqueline, Tom, and Jeremy recently returned from the 2017 National GSA meeting in Seattle. Jacqueline presented a talk on her numerical modeling of brittle and dislocation creep in quartz. Tom presented on his research using carbopol as a semi-brittle analog for mid crustal rocks. Jeremy presented a poster on the effect of grain size distribution … Continue reading GSA 2017


Field trip to the Swiss Alps

It is finally here! We will have an international field trip coming this summer! The trip will lead us to the Alps next August 3-17, 2018 and we will get to see some extraordinary geology. But to get all the information (time, credits, costs, logistics, application process, etc…) please come to the information meeting on … Continue reading Field trip to the Swiss Alps


AMTP Conference

Last week, we participated the in the Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes conference in Austin, TX. The workshop, organized by Jacqueline as well as Liz Logan and Tim Dooley of UT Austin, spanned three days and featured science talks, educational demonstrations, and poster sessions. Tom and Jeremy both had posters on their thesis work and … Continue reading AMTP Conference

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Macalester Visit

In February, Dr. Alan Chapman from Macalester College brought his Structural Geology class to our lab in Ames using support from the UMass Analog Modeling group. The students got to experience hands on modeling work with the research group here at ISU and our group benifitted from new insights and energy from the undergraduate students. … Continue reading Macalester Visit


Congrats to Emily Ross!

Emily (Carleton College ’17) has been awarded the Watson Fellowship for international study and travel in the 2017-18 academic year! She plans to study the intersection of geology and ceramics in Iceland, Japan, China, Ghana, Chile, and Italy. Emily worked with in Structure Lab last summer modeling deformation in an experimental fault systen. We are … Continue reading Congrats to Emily Ross!


Workshop on Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes, Austin TX, May 17-19

Properly-scaled analog or physical models provide researchers and teachers with a powerful approach to understanding crustal deformation because deformation can be continuously and quantitatively documented under controlled conditions.The aim of this second workshop is to once again bring together the analog modeling community to discuss exciting innovations in analog modeling research, authentic science curriculum materials … Continue reading Workshop on Analog Modeling of Tectonic Processes, Austin TX, May 17-19