• Congrats Haley!

    Haley Bix defended her thesis titled, “The effect of size and shape of brittle clasts within a viscous matrix on deformation dynamics: A field and… Read More

  • Apply to Fall 2024 Death Valley Trip!

    One of the best ways to learn about geology is to experience it! That is why we encourage everyone to apply to visit Death Valley… Read More

  • Congrats Emily!

    Dr. Emily Ross defended her PhD Thesis, “Fault slip behavior and off-fault deformation: An experimental approach.” Emily has seen multiple generations of undergraduate and graduate… Read More

  • Congrats Oliva and Shae!

    Olivia Marcelli defended her Master’s Thesis titled, “The combined effect of cementation and a fluid phase on force distribution within granular media.” Shae McLafferty also… Read More

  • EOS Research Spotlight

    Ross et al. (2022) was recently featured as an EOS Research Spotlight in a post by Sarah Derouin, “How Land Deformation Occurs When Fault Sections… Read More

  • Congratulations to Dr. Tom Birren!

    Dr. Tom Birren successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Experimental analysis of semi-brittle deformation: Implications for deformation dynamics.” Tom has been at Iowa State since 2016,… Read More

  • Emily receives AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award

    Lab member Emily Ross was awarded a 2020 AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award for her talk titled “Off-Fault Deformation Due to Changes in Slip Dynamics… Read More

  • Congrats Kyle!

    Kyle Bogatz recently defended his Master’s Thesis titled, “Deformation of brittle clasts within a viscous matrix: field and experimental observations.” Kyle leaves us after many… Read More

  • New paper in press!

    The Structure Lab has a new paper in press titled The effect of a liquid phase on force distribution during deformation in a granular system. Read More

  • Congratulations Claire!

    The Structure Lab congratulates Claire Ruggles for successfully defending her Masters Thesis titled, A multiple-pulse emplacement model for the Shonkin Sag laccolith, MT. Claire will… Read More