• Congrats Emily!

    Dr. Emily Ross defended her PhD Thesis, “Fault slip behavior and off-fault deformation: An experimental approach.” Emily has seen multiple generations of undergraduate and graduate… Read More

  • Congrats Oliva and Shae!

    Olivia Marcelli defended her Master’s Thesis titled, “The combined effect of cementation and a fluid phase on force distribution within granular media.” Shae McLafferty also… Read More

  • EOS Research Spotlight

    Ross et al. (2022) was recently featured as an EOS Research Spotlight in a post by Sarah Derouin, “How Land Deformation Occurs When Fault Sections… Read More

  • Congratulations to Dr. Tom Birren!

    Dr. Tom Birren successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Experimental analysis of semi-brittle deformation: Implications for deformation dynamics.” Tom has been at Iowa State since 2016,… Read More

  • Emily receives AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award

    Lab member Emily Ross was awarded a 2020 AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award for her talk titled “Off-Fault Deformation Due to Changes in Slip Dynamics… Read More

  • Congrats Kyle!

    Kyle Bogatz recently defended his Master’s Thesis titled, “Deformation of brittle clasts within a viscous matrix: field and experimental observations.” Kyle leaves us after many… Read More

  • New paper in press!

    The Structure Lab has a new paper in press titled The effect of a liquid phase on force distribution during deformation in a granular system. Read More

  • Congratulations Claire!

    The Structure Lab congratulates Claire Ruggles for successfully defending her Masters Thesis titled, A multiple-pulse emplacement model for the Shonkin Sag laccolith, MT. Claire will… Read More

  • Structures, Caves, and Coasts Field Trip | Portugal 2021

    Now accepting applications for the Geol 406/506 course to Portugal! The field trip will depart Des Moines on Jan. 1st, 2021… Read More

  • Congratulations Chris!

    The Structure Lab would like to congratulate Chris Ladd for successfully defending his Masters Thesis titled “An experimental analysis of force distribution in a two-phase… Read More